AIAA Workshop «Aerodynamic Design Optimization: Current Trends and Future Directions»

OPTIMENGA-777 took part in the international AIAA Workshop “Aerodynamic Design and Future Directions”, which was held in USA.

The workshop is a part of AIAA Science and Technology Forum (SciTech 2014) – one of the largest international aerospace conferences.

Ten participants delivered the results of aerodynamic shape optimization according to the specifications defined in the Workshop.

Only three participants (OPTIMENGA-777 among them) have delivered results for the most challenging test-case – a three-dimensional wing optimization driven by full Navier-Stokes equations.

The optimization by OPTIMENGA-777 was highly successful in reducing the wing drag at the prescribed conditions. The shape designed  by OPTIMENGA-777  appeared to be the only one among the presented shapes suitable for industrial applications since it not only features a good transonic behavior in the design conditions but also possesses improved aerodynamic performance in off-design conditions, far beyond the design point.